6 steps to remove dog urine on carpet DIY

Pet urine can put your family’s health at risk and cause permanent damage to your carpet. Using the solution below (safe and easy to make at home) can help eliminate the urine spot, reduce the unpleasant odor, and avoid lasting stains. Remove urine on carpet using backing soda First, you will need hydrogen peroxide, backing […]

Go Green! Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Approach

Children and pets are sensitive and should not be exposed to harmful chemicals. As concerns for health become more prevalent and people more aware of the harsh effects cleaning chemicals have, they’re going back to basics and looking for greener ways to clean. Therefore, the carpet cleaning industry is changing to provide the type of […]

Black Light vs Moisture Sensor: Carpet Cleaning Rip Off

Even a well-trained dog can have an accident. It can happen and it can be costly. All carpet cleaning companies charge additional for urine treatment, since 1. It’s not an easy task, and 2. Other solutions are applied in addition to the usual cleaning. There is only one way to avoid getting ripped off by […]