Pet urine can put your family’s health at risk and cause permanent damage to your carpet.

Using the solution below (safe and easy to make at home) can help eliminate the urine spot, reduce the unpleasant odor, and avoid lasting stains.

Remove urine on carpet using backing soda

First, you will need hydrogen peroxide, backing soda, dishwasher, spray bottle and paper towels.

Follow these instructions:

1.Mix hydrogen peroxide, backing soda and one drop of dishwasher liquid.

The backing soda will help naturally deodorize the carpet.

2.Pour the mix into a bottle spray.

3.Spray the solution on the carpet affected by urine and well ventilate the room.

4.Let it sit for about an hour; afterwards you will notice the stain and odor has faded.

5.Blot the spot with a semi-wet cloth or a paper towel.

6.Once fully dry, vacuum the affected area.

Good news, you can use this solution for urine on carpet, mattresses, and upholstery.

If the spot-removal isn’t enough for your particular situation, call a professional carpet cleaner.

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  1. Good question Barbara Scarcella. It depends how big is the urine spot; if the spot is 1 sq. ft., I’ll recommend 2 cups of peroxide and 4 tablespoons of backing soda along with one drop of dishwasher liquid to start.

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