Children and pets are sensitive and should not be exposed to harmful chemicals.

As concerns for health become more prevalent and people more aware of the harsh effects cleaning chemicals have, they’re going back to basics and looking for greener ways to clean.

Therefore, the carpet cleaning industry is changing to provide the type of cleaning that consumers want.

Nowadays, few carpet cleaning companies can achieve a deep cleaning without the use of chemicals, using a revolutionary method called steam cleaning.

Is green carpet cleaning effective?

Yes. Green carpet cleaning is very effective and better for your health and the environment.

Carpet cleaning companies that care about indoor air quality provide green cleaning products and offer hypo-allergenic steam cleaning method.

So far, steam cleaning is the only carpet cleaning method that minimizes the harm to the environment.

Steam cleaning machines have a very strong engine to achieve the high-water temperatures needed to create steam.

The machine is mounted onto a van and along with it, a powerful vacuum to extract all the soil and dirt from carpet.

Some companies that clean carpet with steam cleaning or hot water extraction may use less chemicals.

Heat elevates the strength of chemicals when cleaning carpet so a minimum amount of cleaning chemicals can work faster on carpet.

But, if you really want to go green, look for a carpet steam cleaning company who doesn’t use chemicals at all.

For example, Oops! Steam Cleaning in Houston TX uses nothing more than citrus based powder made of dehydrated orange peels in addition to real steam cleaning to perfectly clean carpeting and fabric upholstery.

Can pet accidents on carpet be green cleaned?

Trustworthy carpet cleaning companies use enzyme to treat pet urine.

Enzymes are derived from living organisms and are harmless to humans, animals, marine life, and general ecology.

Enzymes dissolve and break down protein and organic matter, diminishing odors caused by staining agents such as urine, feces, vomit, pet odors, spoiled foods, and mildew.

Go Green! Clean your carpet with steam

Allergies or even developing asthma are some of the consequences of using chemicals for housekeeping.

Don’t risk your pet and children’s health, maintain a safe environment at home using green cleaning products and steam clean your carpet and rugs.

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