People underestimate the resilience of tile floor and grout.

Tile has proven its durability. I has survived for centuries in majestic buildings throughout Europe, but I’m sure you don’t want your floor to look like a 100-year-old tile floor.

Consider these tips to extend the lifespan of your tile and grout.

Don’t use scented cleaning products

When using fragranced cleaning products, they may smell great, but you may be doing more harm than good. These sweet-smelling cleaning products tend to trap dirt on your tile and grout.

In time, these products can instead gather residue on your tile floors. Yes, that’s right the sme ones that you thought you cleaned, but were fooled with the pleasant fragrance.

So, instead of using artificially-scented cleaning products, try using good old-fashioned H2O to clean your tile floor.

If you require something a bit stronger than water, consider using white vinegar or baking soda to clean your floor.

White vinegar is a natural way to clean your ceramic or porcelain floor.

It won’t harm the surface and it’s safer for your children and pets than many of the popular chemical-filled cleaning agents.

Don’t play with natural stone floors

Don’t ever use white vinegar on natural stone, especially marble, because it can cause damage to the natural stone surface.

If you are not sure about the type of tile floors your have, you can consult a professional tile cleaner, before you do something that can cause permanent damage.

Don’t forget the grout

Tiling grout is cement-based that can be quite susceptible to chemicals, grease, even excess water, because it’s porous and easily absorb liquids.

Liquid spills can penetrate the grout and can cause stains, mold and/or crack tile.

keep in mind, most floor cleaning products found in your neighborhood supermarket, have chemical ingredients. These chemical products can wear away and easily discolor the grout.

Epoxy grout, Furan grout, non-sanded or sanded, no matter what type of grout you have, you may want to seal it avoid stains.

Don’t underestimate sealants

Sealant is a barrier against spills; when sealing your floor, the protection can work for almost a year depending on how much traffic the floor is exposed to.

As mentioned before, common cleaning agents contain chemical ingredients, which can remove the sealant and damage the layer of the floor and yes, that includes the grout.

It’s pointless to pay for tile and grout sealant application, if you are simply removing it little by little through the everyday use of harsh cleaning agents.

Therefore, we always recommend using only water and/or white vinegar for basic tile floor cleaning in combination with the use of a steam mop. When you can longer keep your tile up to par, you should ask for help from a professional tile cleaner.

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