Don’t use baking soda on carpet this way

Everyone knows baking soda is an old-time multifunctional cleaning agent, but baking soda is not as friendly on carpet as you might think. There are few issues you need to know before using backing soda to clean your carpet. You’ll be glad you read this blog. Baking soda is a mineral What is baking soda? […]

How to get gum out of carpet

If you happen to get gum on your carpet, you don’t have to cut into the fibers of your carpet to solve the issue. Instead follow our advice on how to remove gum from carpet with white vinegar, no need to use those scissors…: Place a plastic bag full of ice cubes over the gum […]

Do’s and Don’ts when cleaning tile and grout

People underestimate the resilience of tile floor and grout. Tile has proven its durability. I has survived for centuries in majestic buildings throughout Europe, but I’m sure you don’t want your floor to look like a 100-year-old tile floor. Consider these tips to extend the lifespan of your tile and grout. Don’t use scented cleaning […]

The Step by Step Guide to Use White Vinegar on Carpet Stains

I’m sure you have heard about the power of white vinegar, if not, you wouldn’t believe what this cooking agent can do for your carpet. How is white vinegar made? White vinegar is made from corn. The corn’s sugar is fermented into alcohol, the the alcohol is converted into vinegar. Apples, berries, coconuts, grapes, barley, […]