Is your tile floor outdated and/or stained? Dirt seeps into grout over time, no matter what.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to replace your flooring just because of a few stains; you can either re-grout tile or paint the grout.

Do you want to change the color of your grout? You must have a reason. Check for pros and cons when painting grout, and why is re-grouting better than painting grout.

3 most common reasons people get a grout color change:

You’re remodeling your home

If you’re just tired of the look your floor has now, change the color of your grout lines, it will add new perspective to the room and you can save your floor and money.

As far as the color goes, go from light to dark tones so that the original grout color doesn’t peek thru the original color.

FYI, it is possible to paint in white onto dark grout lines, but you would need to be selective when choosing the brand of paint to be used.

If you are willing to do it yourself, it’s time-consuming, you must be meticulous to avoid staining your tile with colorant.

Permanently stained grout bothers you

Depending on how many stains there are and what causes them, you can paint the spot.

You can also re-grout, but it may cost you a little bit more and a couple of days to have it done.

Don’t bother for only a few stains, painting the spot directly onto the grout will be so much easier.

Grout has mold or mildew issues

In case, those stains are in fact mildewed you should know, humidity can make tiles cracked and/or make the floor uneven over time.

Eliminate mold by removing the old caulk and regrouting the tile, there is no other way.

Re-grouting tile eliminates residue of mold or mildew (assuming the mold is not coming from the subfloor) as well as old stains, and it can prolong the lifespan of your tile floor.

Recycle tiles: Remove grout and re-grout tile

Re-grouting tile is for me the best option, although can be a little bit expensive, but nothing compared with buying new flooring.

Re-grouting tiles makes the transformation look natural versus the obvious painted grout.

Though, you must be very careful in not breaking tiles…you know there is always difficulties as with any DIY project.

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