How to cleanup and salvage wood furniture after a flood

After a flood, furniture is one of the things that hurt the most to lose, so here is some tips to help you salvage your favorite upholstered and wood furniture in the unfortunate event of a flood during Hurricane season. Because of the terrible disaster Hurricane Harvey did on Texas, many people lost their mobility. […]

How to preserve upholstered home furniture

Heed this advice to keep your upholstery looking great for years to come: Rotate the cushions Rotate the cushions and flip them over every week so that the wear spreads evenly across the entire cushion. Vacuum thoroughly Vacuum your furniture fabric weekly  to keep it fresh. Dampen fabric upholstery enough to dry out quickly Clean […]

How to Get Furniture Dents out of Carpet

The plusher the carpet, the more obvious the marks left behind  when you  move the sofa. To get furniture dents out of carpet, I recommend the following methods to avoid any damage to your carpet in the process, it is easy to remove dents left by heavy furniture, so don’t worry, and follow the steps. […]