We all saw the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey this past month (August 2017). Thousands of families were affected by the flood, but the help was always there.

Houstonians made it through; unfortunately, some still recovering from material and emotional losses afterwards.

flooded neighborhood in Houston TX after Hurricane Harvey 2017

Oops! Steam Cleaning, worked together to quickly be there for those who needed us.

drywalls and debris on the street

During the initial storm, our area was flooded as well so it was challenging to those who desperately needed our help for water extraction, dry-out equipment and tear-outs.

When it comes to water remediation, time is crucial, because many of the flooding neighborhoods were not reachable, so many people lost everything.

material losses after hurricane hit Houston TX.

Houses even buildings were flooded like never before. During our water remediation services, we removed drywall, appliances, furniture, carpet, laminated floors (or what was left), and sanitized and dried out the sub-flooring and walls to avoid mold and future issues to the structure.

drywall removal service oops did after hurricane harveyRoom is dried out by oops using blowers and dehumidifiers

Fortunately, sometimes the water didn’t stay long enough to cause that much damage, and we were able to dry out furniture and rugs completely after performing water extraction and sanitization.

water extraction service oops did after hurricane harvey

When we perform water damage remediation, we need to know what type of water we’re dealing with.

Floodwater is considered contaminated since its exposed to all kinds of contaminants, especially where the area affected is close to rivers, hospitals where biological waste and chemicals are a concern.

During the recovery of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX., Oops! Steam Cleaning continues to provide to our community the immediate assistance that they deserve.