If your Berber carpet has pulls, don’t worry, you can repair that running snag using tools/items that you can find at your own home.

Berber carpet has a loop construction, that can be very pleasant on your bare feet, but also very delicate and is easier to snags.

Pet owners should keep an eye on Berber carpet

Berber carpet is not exactly pet friendly. Despite the ease of vacuuming pet hair off Berber carpet, cats and dogs can also damage the looped fibers with their nails causing snags.

How to repair snags on Berber carpet

A quick solution for running snags is glue the snagged fibers back in place.

Follow the instructions below to quickly repair your Berber carpet:

You will need these items:

Masking Tape, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Nail Punch, Weight

1.Put masking tape along both sides of the snag to form a trench to protect the surrounding area.

2. Count number of curls and loops and make sure they are the same.

3. Don’t pull out the snag hoping to break it off, use scissors to cut the snag away from carpet.

4. Using your fingers twist the fiber to create the loop; press the loop into the yarn following the padding margin.

5. Use a hot glue gun (never a water-based glue). Don’t use to much glue though.

6. Use a nail punch or a jewelry’s screwdriver to cling the loop into the yarn.

7. Finally, use a weight to hold fibers once it’s done.

Warning: This glue solution does not work for hand-woven Berber carpets and wool rugs, they must be re-woven by a professional.

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