Paint grout is an affordable option to say good bye to those permanent stains on grout once and for all, and depending on how many stains are sitting on your floor, it can be the best option for you and your wallet.

Hold on…before you take your brush, there are some facts/tips when painting grout you should know about.

1. Painting grout requires precision and patience

Painting grout yourself is a thorough activity. Protect the surface of tiles, using tools that can make it easy for you to work in detail to avoid mess, like fine brushes.

You can find all kinds of grout paints (look for an oil-based pigment), and tools in the  hardware store to help you out or you can always let a professional to do the job for you.

2. Not all grout can be painted

Grout that is made of inorganic materials is not receptive to coloring so it can’t be painted or dyed, for example, silicone.

3. Porousness of grout matters

The more porous the grout, the better the color will soak into it.

4. Can’t paint grout to a lighter color tone

Grout colors can be changed successfully if you are always looking for a darker grout.

But, to get a lighter tone is very difficult, almost impossible.

Lighter colors have a lower pigment density than darker tones. If you try, some light color may stay on the surface but mostly will be consumed by the dark grout.

5. Be careful with non-glazed tiles

Non-glazed tiles stain easily due to their porous surface.

I’ll say it once more, you must be very careful when painting grout and try to use special tools to work effectively.

6. Remove mold or don’t paint the grout

Start with well-cleaned tile and grout first to get an even color finish.

Be aware of any sign of mold and eliminate it completely before you paint the grout.

A mold issue will make painting grout pointless.

You probably ended up on this blog after searching for “how to paint grout” or something similar, I’m glad you decided to know more about it before you start your project.

Hopefully we covered all your concerns. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to let us know on the comments below.