Carpet Cleaning Houston

What makes our carpet cleaning service effective and safe for everyone

Oops! Steam Cleaning uses a steam cleaning method that allows for a better carpet cleaning without having to use any harmful chemicals, only pure saturated steam along with a hypo-allergenic green cleaning solution made of dehydrated orange peels which is sprayed down to sanitize the carpet and leaves no residue behind.

Carpet cleaning is effective and non-toxic because we use a safe, but effective steam cleaning method and follow eco-friendly procedures to keep your carpet clean and looking great without compromising your health or the environment.

Protect your carpet from stains with regular cleaning and stain-guard.

Protect your carpet from stains with regular cleaning and stain-guard.

Residential & Commercial Service

Oops! Steam Cleaning provides steam cleaning for residential and commercial carpet cleaning in the Houston area (The Woodlands, Katy, Cypress...).

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Deep Cleaning for Carpet and Rugs

Oops! Steam Cleaning removes odors and stains from carpet caused by pet or human accidents including urine, vomit, feces or blood. Bio-waste treatment that's safe for all people and pets in the home.

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Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

Oops! Steam Cleaning cares about the environment. We maintain an eco-friendly carpet cleaning care that's more effective at killing allergens in the home and keeps the air clean. 

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Allergies? No harmful cleaning chemicals

We use pure saturated steam as a reliable cleaning method along with a non-toxic, but green cleaning solution (so natural you can even drink it) for the best carpet cleaning results in Houston Texas. 

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Keep your Carpet Dirt Free!

Oops! Steam Cleaning uses a chemical-free, 100% green carpet cleaning solution not only for carpet, but area rugs, upholstery and tile floors that is safe for everyone at home including pets. We are proud to be one of a small group of carpet cleaning companies that care about your health and the environment.

Steam cleaning is the recommended cleaning method for anyone especially people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. Avoiding allergens can help even prevent asthma among children which is a very common illness these days.

There are many airborne particles which cause allergic reactions. For example, dust mites living in your carpet, rugs, mattress and/or upholstery have been known to produce allergic reactions in skin. Steam cleaning followed by our powerful vacuum will help eliminate dust mites colonies and keep everyone at home in good health.


Prices below for residential carpet cleaning does not include waste treatment for urine, vomit, feces or blood. If needed we charge additional to remove those particular spots.

  • Halls -------------------$1.00/Linear ft.
  • Rooms -----------------$40 under 250 SF
  • Stairs-------------------$2.67/step
  • Closets/Landings--$1.00/Linear ft.

Minimum charge per visit is $110.00 (not including sales tax)

Carpet cleaning technicians must inspect the carpet beforehand to identify the type of carpet fiber and spots. If there are uncommon stains like vomit, urine, feces or blood, such stains need to be treated to remove them completely. 

Room charges are based on the average size of 250 SF per room. Any room more then 250 SF will be charged accordingly. We ask that all breakables and items you want cleaned under be moved out of the are of cleaning before our arrival, If assistance is needed, then please notify the office.

We use a citric-based carpet cleaning solution (so natural you can even drink it) not only for carpet, but area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning instead of harmful chemicals or shampoos that emulate cleaning by strong chemical smells, leaves residue behind and attracts more dirt after cleaning. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning is the safest cleaning for children, pets and elderly at home.

Carpet Steam Cleaning is the safest cleaning for children, pets and elderly at home.

Pet Urine Odor Removal

Urine odor can be removed successfully. The combination between steam cleaning and our urine treatment will bring your carpet back to sanitary conditions.

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Prolong your area rug's and carpet's lifespan while looking beautiful and free from harmful bacteria that can affect your family's health.​​​​

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True steam = superior results

Our high temperature (250-300° degrees) steam is the best way to clean carpeted areas. Anything below 213° is inferior and a misrepresentation of the word "steam". Granted every carpet cleaning company says they are the best and use steam, but there is a huge difference in the kind of machines that they use in comparison to our custom truck-mounted machines.


What is the method Oops! Steam Cleaning uses to clean carpets?

 We use pure saturated steam that can get as high as 250 to 300 degrees. Along with our high temperature heat we use a citrus pre-treatment that will break down any existing dirt and oils. Our steam cleaning method allows for us to extract all the dirt from carpet, tile floors and upholstery. 

Does Oops! Steam Cleaning offer dry cleaning?

 Yes! We also offer dry cleaning for delicate natural fibers such as Silk, Haitian, Cotton, Wool, Jute, Sisal or any other fabric that might bleed colors. 

Do I need to vacuum before I have a professional carpet cleaning?

 It is not required unless there is a considerable amount of dog hair and/or heavy debris. Our powerful van mounted equipment will handle the rest with its vacuum lift of over 20lbs. 

What does Oops! Steam Cleaning consider an area?

 We consider a standard size room or any open area to be less than 250 sq. ft. We do not charge by the square footage for residential carpet cleaning. So for example living room/dining room combinations are considered as two areas. Hallways, closets, landings, etc. are priced differently which is by the linear foot. 

How long will Oops! Steam Cleaning take to clean my carpets?

 Typically to clean 3 average sized rooms takes no more than an hour. Please know this estimated time varies by the location of the room. We use a hose connected to our truck mounted machine to reach any area in the home or business. To have the equipment prepared for the cleaning takes about 10 to 15 min, this is the same time to put everything back in the truck. 

Does Oops! Steam Cleaning move furniture?

 We clean exposed areas, however, if you require furniture moving we can provide this service at an additional charge, which includes the moving of each furniture piece prior to cleaning and placing protective blocks underneath. We can move most furniture that can be safely moved by a two-man crew. There are several items we do not move, including: pianos, electronics, china cabinets, waterbeds, some large beds, dressers with mirrors, pool tables, etc. Our technicians will do an inspection before they start cleaning and notify you if there is any furniture that cannot be moved. 

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Typical drying time is 7-10 hours. Unusual weather (i.e. humidity, cold climate..), not leaving the air conditioning or fans turned on, having pet-treatment done, heavily soiled carpet, and/or adding protectant will increase the drying time of the carpet up to 48 hours. 

Will carpet cleaning get rid of fleas in my carpet?

Having your carpet steam cleaned can instantly kill fleas or dust mites living in your carpet, mattress and upholstery. To avoid surviving colonies moving out to a different place, Oops! Steam Cleaning recommends calling an exterminator first and after few days we can steam clean afterwards so you can say goodbye to this issue forever. 

Does Oops! Steam Cleaning guarantee removal of all spots or stains in the carpet?

No. Some spots that have been there for years may be stains or have been burned into the fibers of your carpet or upholstery, which is impossible for anybody to remove. We do have carpet repair experts that will be able to restore the carpet. On the other hand, stains a few days old can be resolved with a steam cleaning. Please know that depending on the type of damage that some stains can be permanent.  A better diagnostic can be provided for free by our expert technicians in person. 

Why add protectant to my clean carpet?

Stain protectant, Stain-guard, fiber or fabric protectant  helps avoid the penetration and absorbtion of soil, liquids or dirt into the fibers of your carpet, leaving the spot in the surface, which also means avoiding stains and making the carpet easier to clean.  

How safe are your cleaning methods?

Oops! Steam Cleaning uses the safest, most effective method. Our truck mounted machines provide pure high pressure steam. We do not use any harmful chemicals, instead, we use an all natural citrus pre-treatment that is sprayed down before we steam it back out. 

How does the enzyme work to deodorize/remove odors?

 Urine attracts moisture and will breed bacteria which produces a foul odor. The smell of urine comes from the bacteria that feeds on the wasted minerals and protein. Enzyme is a live bacteria that eats live bad bacteria on urine. 

How hot does the water get?

 To get real steam the water must get between 213 to 300 degrees. The temperature of water must reach 213 degrees before it turns into saturated steam. The water's temperature will drop 20-30 degrees from the truck mounted machine, so when the steam reaches the carpet it's coming out at around 220-270 degrees. Using steam allows for a better cleaning without having to use sanitizers however any bio-hazardous waste must be sanitized before steam cleaning. 

Does Oops! Steam Cleaning provide free estimates?

 Yes! We do provide FREE in-home estimates for all of our cleaning services. ​ Carpet cleaning in Katy, also carpet cleaning in The Woodlands, and carpet cleaning in Houston


Before the cleaning technicians arrives:

We ask that you please remove any fragile or breakable items from the rooms being cleaned. Please have the exposed area being cleaned clear of any debris (clothing, toys, etc.) We clean exposed areas and do not move furniture unless requested and will do so at an additional cost. If there are any items and/or furniture that you would like us to clean underneath then we ask that you please have those items moved out the area being cleared prior to our visit.
Our technicians cannot move, or disassemble beds or move furniture that is more than one piece i.e. dressers with mirrors attached, desks with hutches attached, etc. 

Our technicians will not move, or disconnect any electronics.​

Also secure any pets, our van-mounted units can annoy your pets. 

During the carpet cleaning service:

  • Ask that you put your pets in an area of your home where our work won’t disturb them.
  • Conduct apre-inspection of the rooms and/or items to be cleaned, noting any heavily soiled areas or traffic patterns.
  • Discuss the process with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Inspect the rooms and/or items for waste (urine, vomit, feces, and blood) issues and treat as needed. Waste treatment is an additional cost, your technician will discuss this with you prior to commencing the cleaning.
  • Clean the area(s) and/or items using our pure saturated steam cleaning method.
  • Apply a fiber or fabric protection if requested.

After the carpet is steam cleaned:

While our powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system removes almost all of the moisture immediately, your carpet or upholstery may still be damp to the touch.

  • Drying time does vary. Typical drying time is 7-10 hours but can take as long as 48 hours depending on the carpet thickness, relative humidity, bio-waste treatment, the carpet's overall condition, etc.
  • Using fans in any rooms that have been cleaned and turning your air conditioning system on can help accelerate drying time. To speed up the drying process, turn on any fans and keep the air conditioning on 72°  in the home.
  • Be sure to leave furniture that was moved in place until the carpet and/or furniture is completely dry to avoid any color transfer. 
  • You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning with bare feet, white socks or rubber sole shoes. Be especially careful when walking from damp, carpeted areas onto non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.​

Furniture Moving:

(Additional Charge Apply)

We clean exposed areas, however, if you require furniture moving, we do provide this service. The charge per item is $10.00 which includes the moving of each furniture piece prior to cleaning and placing protective blocks underneath. We can move most furniture that can be safely moved by a two-man crew.  There are several items we will not move such as pianos, electronics, china cabinets, waterbeds, some large beds, dressers with mirrors attached, pool tables, etc. Our technicians will do an inspection before they start cleaning and notify you if there is any furniture that cannot be moved. 

To avoid any furniture moving fees, help us by preparing for your appointment in the following ways:

  • Move any furniture pieces that you want cleaned under. Keep in mind that furniture should not be moved back and forth onto damp carpeting. Also most soiled areas will be in traffic areas and not under furniture pieces.
  • Clear all items and breakables away from vents, stairways and furnace areas. Also any small items sitting on the carpets to be cleaned such as boxes, newspapers, toys and shoes, should be picked up. If there is a lot of heavy debris on the carpet then it is recommended that you vacuum first.​