Thanksgiving is a good excuse to eat roasted turkey and drink red wine with your family and friends, and it’s around the corner!

Even if you’re not hosting a dinner, it will be useful to be prepared in case a guest spills a glass of red wine on carpet.

Don’t panic, we know how to get red wine out of carpet without compromising your wallet.

Act quickly!

You need a bar of soap, microfiber cloths and water.

Remove wine from carpet using soap and water only

  1. Blot the affected area with a dry cloth. Put pressure to absorb as much wine out of the carpet as you can, until the stain is almost gone. Take your time.

2. Use a little bit of bar soap to remove what is left.

3. Don’t place the bar of soap directly onto carpet (only let the cloth interact with your carpet). Scrub the affected area.

4. Wet another cloth to clean up the soap.

5. Use a dry cloth and blot to absorb the water from the carpeting.

Finally, vacuum the area to release as much soap residue as possible.

Why you shouldn’t let soap sit on carpet?

After you have removed the red wine from carpet, there is going to be some soap residue left behind you can’t completely fight solo.

Using liquid or bar soap  is the easiest way you can work on a wine spot on carpet.

Unfortunately, soap residue can make your carpet susceptible to dirt; once dry, carpet with remaining soap traps dirt into the fibers.

So, this is a temporary cleaning solution until you can get a proper carpet cleaning done by a professional.

If you use this cleaning hack for wine spills, you don’t have to worry about permanent stains on your carpeting.

Happy Thanksgiving!