Commercial Steam Cleaning in Tomball, TX

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All your commercial steam cleaning needs, from carpet cleaning to carpet damage repair to drapery cleaning and upholstery cleaners, are covered by us. Ask us questions about our cleaning process. It is important to know that all technicians have been drug tested and are background checked.

Oops! Steam Cleaning prides itself on providing a natural cleaning process for commercial carpeting in offices, hotels, and restaurants as well as retail and industrial areas.

  • Rapid drying
  • Free in-person estimate
  • After-hours service
  • Highly-trained technicians
  • All-natural pre-treatment


We understand that speed is crucial when it comes to commercial steam cleaning. With our quick drying time, steam cleaning results are guaranteed and your air quality is better.

Commercial Steam Service Areas

This video shows a steam cleaning we did for a local pizza place.

Oops! Tomball Steam Cleaning Services: 

  • Office Building Cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Retail Store Cleaning
  • Department Store Cleaning
  • Movie Theater Cleaning
  • Industrial Facility Cleaning
  • Multifamily Property Cleaning
  • Hotel & Motel Cleaning & more!
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

To determine the type of carpet fibers and spots, carpet cleaning technicians need to inspect the carpet before they clean it. Carpets stained with blood, urine, vomit, or other unusual stains must be treated in order to completely remove them.

Our carpet cleaning solution is citric-based, so you can drink it. It’s safe for all types of carpets.

Church Facility Cleaning

We will minimize disruptions to congregation gatherings. Our commercial cleaning team will work with your congregation to create a cleaning program that suits the needs and budget of your place of worship or church.

Cleaning Solutions & Techniques

Oops! is a leader in advanced cleaning technology and techniques. Oops! Steam Cleaning has many benefits. You can trust our years of experience and high-quality steam production machines. Steam at 250°F will clean your facility and make it a better place for your congregation.

Security Concerns

It can take weeks to complete background checks on potential custodians for a church that needs them. The person might not meet the requirements to be allowed into certain areas of the church facility. This can lead to the church spending significant time and money on background checks. Oops! Steam Cleaning does these checks and can assure that all of our employees have been background and vetted.

Workers’ Comp/Insurance

The church is responsible for covering any compensation claims if a part-time or full-time cleaner gets hurt while on the job. These costs can quickly rise. Oops! Oops!

Carpet Cleaning & Floor Restoration in Tomball and the Surrounding Areas
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pricing

We offer pre-treatment of carpets and upholstery using all-natural ingredients. Real steam is used to rinse the product off, leaving no residue.

Call the office to get pricing, as prices can vary.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

What are the first things you notice when you enter a restaurant, office, or commercial building? Our commercial steam cleaning services are able to reduce allergens in your retail space or office, which can increase productivity and customer retention.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Services

Your business will be cleaned by certified, highly-trained technicians and only the best equipment. Subcontractors are not allowed. We have flexible scheduling and our technicians have undergone thorough background checks. We know you have a business to run and will work around your schedule.

Steam Cleaning for Commercial Buildings

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