Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning in Houston

Carpet Steam Cleaning Achieves a Healthy Home


Studies have shown that using a cleaning agent spray, even as little as once a week, raises the risk of developing asthma which is the most common chronic illness today. It is important to maintain clean air quality at home.

When you have your carpet steam cleaned by Oops! Steam Cleaning there is no soap left behind, no chemicals involved and our carpet treatment is 100% green.

 ​Oops! Steam Cleaning uses an all-natural pre-treatment for your carpet and upholstery made of dehydrated orange peels. This pre-treatment is so natural you can even drink it!
This citric cleanser is used for several reasons such as loosening the dirt/oils in the item being cleaned. It also neutralizes mild, pre-existing soaps or spot cleaners on the carpet and allows the carpet to pre-soak before we rinse the dirt and soil back out 

 There are unusual stains that require enzyme and a chemical-free steam carpet cleaning service to remove or neutralize the stain. The best way to clean a rug and carpet is by using a chemical free cleaning. It's perfectly safe and it is thoroughly removed by our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Most other companies use a dry cleaning solvent, mild detergent or soap diluted in their water for carpet care.


There is a way to naturally clean your carpet and upholstery.

If a carpet cleaner uses a solvent or soap water and is not rinsing it back out then they are leaving soap in the carpet that will dry and leave a sticky residue. It will attract dirt making your stains re-appear and the carpet look dirty after only a month. It is also worth pointing out that prolonged contact with chemicals, even soap, is hazardous to your health.

Carpet Cleaning Service is friendly with your pet.

Carpet Cleaning Service is friendly with your pet.