Furniture Cleaning in Houston

Quicker drying time after upholstery cleaning

Oops! Steam Cleaning offers steam cleaning in The Woodlands, upholstery cleaning in Katy and more counties in the greater Houston area. Upholstery cleaning in Houston for oversize chairs, recliners, sectional sofas, chaises, etc. Due to the large variety of oversized furniture pieces, some of these prices may vary. Please, call to get a more accurate quote or schedule a free in-person estimate for upholstery cleaning. 

 These prices do not include waste treatment (urine, vomit, feces, blood) if needed.

Sofa (standard size) ---------$100.00

Love Seat (standard size)---$80.00

Oversized Chair/ Recliner--$60.00

Ottoman -------------------------$30.00

King size Mattress ------------$65.00 (per side)

Queen size Matress ----------$55.00 (per side)

Twin size Matress ------- -----$45.00 (per side)

[Minimum charge per visit is $110.00 (not including sales tax)]

Most fabric upholstery are steam cleaned for the best results and have a quicker drying time. We understand some fabrics might require special treatment (i.e. Silk, Cotton, Wool, or any fabric that might bleed colors). Contact us for special treatment pricing. 

Fabric furniture also gets dirty and needs a deep cleaning too.

Fabric furniture also gets dirty and needs a deep cleaning too.


Coupon for upholstery cleaning services in Houston

Coupon for upholstery cleaning services in Houston

Can I steam clean my leather couch?

 No. The dye of the leather cannot take steam cleaning. A leather conditioner is all that is recommended. 

What types of upholstery does Oops! Steam Cleaning clean?

 Anything with fabric like bar stools, ottomans, chairs, sofas, love seats, sectionals, cushions, pillows, arm covers, etc. We clean different types of fabric fibers like olefin, cotton, wool, polyester and microfiber. 

How long does upholstery take to dry?

Upholstery can be completely dry within 7 to 24 hours depending on the fiber or fabric type and the temperature, humidity and airflow in the room. 

The tag on my furniture recommends dry cleaning, can Oops! Steam Cleaning clean it?

 Yes! We do offer dry cleaning. Although if the upholstery is really soiled then steam cleaning might be recommended.