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Carpet Cleaning


Oops Steam Cleaning is proud to give you, our customers, a carpet cleaning that can't be surpassed. Our high temperature (250-300° degrees) steam is the best way to get something clean. Anything below 213° is inferior and misrepresentation of the word "steam". Granted every company says they are the best and use steam, but as we state on our homepage there is a huge difference in the kind of machine that is used.

There are few things you need to ask about when calling a carpet cleaner to ensure you get your money's worth.

1. How hot does the water get?

Our answer is 250-300° degrees. The temperature of water must reach 213° degrees before it turns into saturated steam. The water's temperature will drop 20-30° degrees from the truck to the tool at your carpet, hence 250-300° degrees, so when the steam reaches the carpet it's coming out at around 220-270° degrees. Using steam allows a better cleaning without having to use sanitizers, although we do use a pre-treatment that is sprayed down before we steam it back out with all your dirt and soil which is a citric acid pre-treatment (all natural you can drink it if you wanted to).

 2. What is the drying time of the carpet?

We use a number 7+ blower in all of our machines, having a blower that is this size which is above the standard of other carpet cleaners allows us to have faster dry time. Unusual weather (i.e. humidity, cold climate..), not leaving the a/c or fans turned on, having pet treatment done, heavily soiled carpet, and/or adding protectant will increase the dry time of the carpet.

3. Do they provide free in-person estimates?

Here at Oops! we do provide free in-person estimates.

Carpet Cleaning (Pure Steam) Prices
Halls:-----------------$1.00 per linear ft.
Rooms:---------------$40.00 under 250 sqft.
Stairs:----------------$2.67 per step
Closets/Landings:--$1.00 per linear ft.

Room charges are based on the average size of 250 sqft. per room. Any room more than 250 sqft. will be charged accordingly. We ask that all breakables and items you want cleaned under be moved out of the area of cleaning before our arrival. If assistance is needed, then please notify the office.

*Protecting any fabric after cleaning is recommended by their manufacturer as well as by us. To learn more, click here.*Unusual spots/stains might require additional chemicals or steps. (i.e. Blood, Color Stains, Urine, Feces, Gum, Filtration/Smoke Damage, Water Damage). To learn more click here.

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